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Second Year Sporting Stars: Part One

By Max Cardosi

Second Year pupil Rex Booth is a successful athlete competing in many events for swimming and gymnastics.

He picked up the sport aged eight which was quite late for a boy who would later represent England – his interest was due to his sister as he decided to go to one of her training sessions and liked it so much he continued with it.

He followed on from casual sessions to the expert training of today.

Most of Rex’s training is technique based and he really enjoys learning all the moves and always trying to improve his score.

His first tournament was in the nationals – he came second.  He then competed for England in March of that year in Poland, winning the tournament. Even though it was a minor tournament it meant a lot to him.

Rex in gymnastics action

Balancing swimming and gymnastics can be slightly difficult for him, but it is something that he enjoys.

Swimming training is in the morning whilst gymnastics is in the evening, so being good at sports is often time-consuming at times for Rex.

In future, he wants to take everything as it comes, waiting untilthe last minute to choose which sport to specialise in, but this is the leastof his worries at the moment.

At Hampton, he has picked up new sports like volleyball and long-distance running, which aid in his development as a strong sportsman.

There are many opportunities still to come and we wish him the best in his future at Hampton.

Part two of our Second Year Sporting Stars feature will be released next Tuesday. 




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