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About Us

Hampton School boasts a thriving sporting community, and the award-winning Hampton Sports Chronicle has the enviable task of reporting on this.

In 14 years of production, the HSC has seen numerous editors go on to represent various national and international media outlets:

  • Adam Hunt (editor 2008) frequently appears as a presenter on Sky Sports News,
  • Will Kelleher (editor 2009) is a successful rugby reporter for the Daily Mail,
  • Luke Dunn (co-editor 2013) worked as a translator on Sevilla FC’s communications team,
  • James Perkins (co-editor 2013) is currently a Social Media Producer at TalkRADIO.

Through all the ISFA finals and Daily Mail Cup runs, the Hampton Sports Chronicle has embarked on a dynamic journey of change, from a biannual paper to its current form – a glossy, professionally printed yearly magazine.

And now, we’ve changed once more to keep up with the evolving nature of today’s media. Though the print version continues as the focal point of Hampton sports journalism, this new, online venture displays the breadth and beauty of our sporting community.

Image result for hampton sports chronicle
Last summer’s edition of the HSC after the 1st XI’s ESFA Cup victory

We continue to welcome articles on a diverse range of topics, from rugby to rowing and table tennis to chess.

We report on Hampton sport, between the U12F team’s first goal and the 1st XI’s cup final win. That’s the benefit of this online platform – there’s unlimited space.

Thus, we’re always looking for new writers to form the core of our new project. If you’re interested, email or see Mr Smith in the English department.

As Jules Delay (editor 2011) eloquently put in his article on work experience in a previous edition of the HSC: “Experience sports journalism for yourself. It may spark an interest that you will never forget”.

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