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Hampton boats compete admirably at windy Schools Head

By Ben Martis-Jones, Rowing Correspondent


The rowing season is split into two parts: the ‘head’ season (a time-trial), and the ‘regatta’ season (a race). The sport also has two different formats: rowing and sculling. Rowing consists of an oar per member; sculling sees each member of the boat taking two oars.

On Friday 15th March 2019, Hampton were set to send 8 crews to race on the 4.1 mile Championship Course between Mortlake and Putney. Unfortunately, due to predicted bad weather and strong winds, the J18 Four and the J15 Second and Third events were cancelled, so only five Hampton crews boated from St Paul’s to race.

The conditions were not as rough as marshalls had expected, but there was still a fast tide and strong winds for the rowers to deal with. Newly trained sweep rowers – coached by former-First Eight coach Mr Double – performed brilliantly, producing a 4th place finish to reward them for their winter training efforts.

The J16 Squad finished 10th in Championship Eights, and the Second Eight were placed 3rd in their category, ending the day only two seconds behind Westminster, who were second. After coming off the water, 7-man of the J16 2nd Eight, Sam Schomberg said ”I am very happy with our result, and I am excited to see what we can achieve in the regatta season, with the help of Mr Wood and Mr Hill.”

The Senior First Eight came 12th in a highly competitive event, attracting crews from as far afield as Italy. Meanwhile, the Senior Second Eight came seventh in their category.

The support along the riverside was evident, and the Hampton and Holles Boat Club supporters were out in full voice. Alex Crisan said ”Hammersmith Bridge provided us with an extra bit of encouragement from supporters from both LEH and Hampton supporters, helping to drive the crew on to finish the race more quickly.”

The Schools Head closes the Head Season for the J15s, J16s and Senior Squad. Meanwhile we wish the J14s good luck at their first National race at the Scullery on Monday 18th March, where they compete for their headship over two 1900 metre pieces at Dorney Lake.

Now all crews are very much looking forward to going away on their respective Easter Camps before the regatta season kicks off at the end of April.

Photo Credit: AllMarkOne – Berkeley

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