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ESFA: Midfielder Tom Hudson talks to Toby Booker

By Toby Booker

As our ESFA preview continues ahead of the final on Tuesday, Toby Booker caught up with star defensive-midfielder Tom Hudson.

How do you reflect on the season so far?

We’ve had a successful season. We started with hope and began well, losing only a few games, until a hiccup at the ISFA quarter-final stage. It got everyone down as ISFA was our primary target, but we’ve picked ourselves up from the loss and we are back with full confidence now in the second half of the season. We’ve done especially well considering we’ve played 45 games or so this season and only lost about 5 of them.

What are the key battles for the final?

Repton are a physical team. We’ve already played them and despite the 4-5 loss we feel that they have some weaknesses that can be exploited. We just need to play our game and beat them our way.

Are you excited?

I am excited but there are a few nerves. It will be a first for the whole team especially playing in front of 700 or so fans from Hampton.

Best moment of the season so far?

It would have to be Harry Short’s goal in the semi-final. It was unfortunate that the game went to extra time, and at 4-4 it looked as if it could be another penalty shoot-out until Harry headed the ball in.

Who are the 1st XI’s key players to look out for?

Shaun-Chris Joash is the stand-out player but George Maxwell is the best team player – Shaun-Chris can make the team unstoppable but to play as a team we need George, our captain.

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