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ESFA: What they said

By Josh Bartholomew, Online Editor

Mr Mills:

“I’m delighted with the outcome. It was a tense, tight game. Both teams worked extremely hard. I did feel in the second-half that we had some momentum, but we didn’t quite capitalise on that. Huge credit as well must go to Repton for making it such a good game. Overall, I’m delighted.

“I think we did deserve to win with the possession and opportunities we had. Our final ball could have been a bit better, but I felt that we had that extra 5%. We were unfortunate not to finish it in normal time and extra time, but we showed a lot of courage and trust in each other and managed to do it in the end.

“It’s a huge day. The journey to get here has been from the start of the season. We’ve had seven fixtures away, and with that comes a lot of experiences. Of course, when you’re successful, they’re memorable ones as well.

“Myself and the team will never forget it. It’s going to live long in the memory – not only for us, but the support out there, which was certainly a 12th man when we needed it. It was great support and a great atmosphere from the school. We’re really grateful, but again, credit to the opposition – they’re the current champions – and they deserve a lot of credit for playing in the right spirit. A wonderful occasion, and again I’m delighted with the outcome.”

Shaun-Chris Joash:

“Amazing, amazing. It was a great performance – we’ve got such a great team. I’m glad I could contribute to a good team with Man of the Match.

“I thought, overall, I had have a good game. It’s disappointing not to get a goal but it’s good to see when your teammates are scoring all around you.

“It was a tense game. Towards the end I wasn’t sure which way it was going to go. It was great that we could send it to extra time and win it on penalties.

“We had great support – we’ve got such a great school and it was amazing to see so many people coming down to support.

“It’s a great memory. It’s probably one of the best moments I’ll have in football.”

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