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U14A tie with Trinity in tight, rainy affair

By Max Cardosi

Hampton’s U14A rugby team played out a tough fixture against Trinity School, ending in a narrow 7-7 draw.

It was a damp wet Saturday with pitches as muddy as they have been this autumn, but that did not deter Hampton’s team spirit as they came into the game knowing it would be a close encounter.

Five minutes in, Hampton created the first chance of the match, pushing Trinity deep into their 22. Unfortunately, this attack broke down as a crash ball resulted in a penalty turnover to Trinity.

Later in the first half Hampton worked their way up the pitch in numerous phases gaining ground in the middle of the pitch through onward runners.

This resulted in a penalty in the middle of the pitch from which Hampton kicked for touch in the Trinity 22. 

From the line-out, a run from Frank Hall splintered the defensive line and gave him a clear route to the try line, which he crossed with several defenders hanging off him. 

The conversion was good and gave Hampton a 7-0 advantage in the first ten minutes.

Half way into the first half, Trinity enjoyed their real first opportunity in the Hampton 22 spreading the ball wide. But the chance was lost when the Hampton defence closed down the opportunity.

The last chance of the half came when Hampton pressed into the Trinity 22 looking menacing until a dropped ball caused by the slippery conditions brought the half time whistle.

Hampton dominated the first five minutes of the second half, pushing Trinity deep into their twenty two. 

Hampton won a penalty on the five metre line, and a tap and go kept Trinity under pressure, though this move broke down when a Hampton player was bundled out into touch.

Trinity then switched to the offensive for the rest of the second half, pinning Hampton back on their own try line. Many missed opportunities kept the score at 7-0 to Hampton as Trinity continued to batter the try line.

A penalty to Hampton gave them a clearance kick to touch but this attack was short lived, with Trinity winning the ball back and going on the offensive again.

Eventually, they crossed the try line with five minutes to go, cutting back inside to break a tackle and cross the line.

The game ended shortly afterwards with a knock on – a close match between two fine teams.

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