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Promising performance helps U12C to Wilson’s victory

By Alasdair Mcintosh

Hampton’s Under 12 C team chalked up a comfortable 3–0 away win at Wilson’s, with plenty of close chances that could have increased the score.

Before the first goal Hampton were clearly dominating the game. They had chance after chance but Wilson’s keeper made plenty of excellent saves to keep the home team in the game. 

It was unlucky for Wilson’s when Hampton’s first goal was deflected off a Wilson’s player. Following a clever pass out wide, Hampton drove up the wing before crossing the ball into the box. 

The ball came off the Wilson’s defender, taking the keeper by surprise, and he could only help the ball into the net. 

There was not much action in the rest of the half so when the whistle blew for half time, both teams were left to reflect on how best to tackle the second period.

It was only near the end of the match that Hampton scored their second. The ball was passed to right back Jayden Park and he dribbled through the defence and scored with a powerful shot. 

The final goal was also scored by Park from a similar piece of play, but this time he was given a lot more space and he made his second goal look easy. 

Wilson’s best chance came at the very end of the match. The ball was threaded through to the right winger, who was pressured by left back Karun Bhalla. 

The ball was passed to the striker who was being pursued by centre back Alasdair McIntosh. Alasdair tackled the player and passed the ball out to the Hampton winger but unfortunately it was intercepted. 

The Wilson’s player drove through with the ball but was tackled by Alasdair, but the ball fell to the feet of a Wilson’s winger who was then tackled by a Hampton defender and the ball rolled out of play. The final whistle blew.

Overall, both sides created some good chances in the game, but Hampton deserved the win. 

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