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Tuesday Trivia: Test your Hampton sporting knowledge

By Josh Bartholomew

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Tuesday Trivia

It’s week two of Tuesday Trivia, and we’ve got more tricky questions for you from the stratosphere of Hampton sport. Enjoy!

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Which current Hampton teacher has played international cricket for Guernsey?

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How many ISFA U18 Cup titles have Hampton won?

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At the Schools’ Head of the River Race in 2013, how many of the eight competitions did Hampton win?

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Which Old Hamptonian is this?

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Who scored Hampton’s final try in the Champions Trophy semi-final against Rugby School?

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Who was Hampton’s Captain of Cricket in the 2016/17 season?

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Which current Hampton teacher has won an Olympic Gold Medal?

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Who were Hampton’s opponents in the ESFA semi-final last season?

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Which Old Hamptonian coached Great Britain’s 7s team to a Silver medal in the 2016 Rio Olympic games?

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