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Tuesday Trivia: Test your Hampton sporting knowledge

By Josh Bartholomew

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Tuesday Trivia

As e-Hampton returns for online lessons today, Tuesday Trivia is back with more questions from the Archives for your quizzical appetite!

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Who was this year’s Captain of Rugby?

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How many games did this year’s U16A football team lose all season?

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At which American university will current First XI midfielder Stathis Kalathias begin studying next year?

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Which Premier League club did Director of Football Mr David Burke coach at before coming to Hampton?

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Which Hampton 1st XV player was recently selected for the England U18 squad?

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Which former Captain of School and Captain of Cricket turned down a contract with Hampshire Academy to focus on his degree?

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In which year did Hampton last win the National Chess Championships?

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How many Olympic Rowing medals have Hampton alumni won?

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Which Hampton teacher scored the winner for Oxford in the Varsity Match (Football, 1992)?

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