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Hampton’s Greatest Sporting Moments: The 1986 Triple reaches quarter-finals

By Josh Bartholomew

The 1986 Triple became the seventh moment to reach the quarter-finals of HSC’s Hampton’s Greatest Sporting Moments competition after a resounding victory in the poll on Saturday.

The triple success competed against three other formidable moments in the vote: Paul Casey’s Ryder Cup success, Seb Jewell’s Premiership Rugby debut, and Dave Travis’ Commonwealth Gold medal.

The Triple won 65 per cent of the popular vote, with Casey’s Ryder Cup career picking up 26.7 per cent. Dave Travis’ Commonwealth Gold won 6.7 per cent, with Seb Jewell’s debut gaining 1.7 per cent.

With only one group left before the knockout stage, the competition is hotting up as each moment strives to be crowned Hampton’s Greatest.

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