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Hampton’s Squash teams continue to improve in tournaments

By Henry Fagan

On Wednesday 2 March, whilst most were enjoying their pancakes, Hampton’s Squash B team travelled to their home ground to play the Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School in a Squash tournament. Each team comprised of five competitors who were seeded from one to five. Each athlete would then compete against their opposing rival in a “best of three” format. Unfortunately, similarly to their last tournament, they were unable to win a game and hence lost 5–0. However, unlike the previous tournament, Hampton fought hard and managed to win many more points than at the last fixture, showing great improvement.

The following day, the A team went to the Leys School in Cambridge. Despite the promise that the A team showed in training in their recent Wednesday games afternoons, they also struggled against their strong opposition and sadly also did not manage to win a game. Nonetheless, they did not give up and fought hard to the end of each game and therefore came out with “Hampton’s best ever Squash performance,” according to Luke Trotman of the Lower Sixth who was the A team’s number one seed. James O’Brien, also of the Lower Sixth, scored a magnificent 10 points in one game, rendering him just one point away from Hampton’s first game win this season! Yet again, the A team can be very proud of their performance and they showed real promise for their future matches.





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