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6-0 triumph for U13As against Wilson’s

By Rahul Bansal and Tom Scrimshaw

The U13 Football team kicked off their season at home with a scintillating, thumping 6-0 win against Wilson’s school.

It was a cold autumn morning with not a cloud in the sky as Hampton kicked off at 10AM. A minute’s silence was observed to honour her majesty the Queen and as the players stood in the familiar huddle there was palpable tension among the spectators for the start of a brand new season.

Early in, Hampton striker Noah Rasi de Mel broke through the back but however was not quick enough to break through Wilson’s lines. And seconds later Oliver Khaksar hit the woodwork with a scorching effect 8 yards from the goal.

The tension from the supporters relieved and the confident young Hamptonians looked to go on the attack. With Both Hampton and Wilson going with high press and playing within the middle of the park , play was compact.

As Wilson opted to play from the back, the front three leapt on their play dispossessed the right back and with a lovely through ball from Khaksar to Rasi de Mel slotted home from 4 yards out with a curling finish into the right hand corner of the goal using his weak foot with the goalkeeper just fingertips away from laying a paw on it.

Confidence at breaking point for the Hampton boys, they pressed on with strong – however unfruitful – attacks till half time.

Half time:

Hampton 1:  Wilson:0

Assist: Khaksar

Goal: Rasi de Mel

Hampton kicked off the second half looking to build on their 1-0 lead. After an early attack by Wilson school, Hampton started to dominate the possession in midfield, resulting in a great through ball by Ben Whitely to set Rasi de Mel away. With a composed and calm finish, Noah placed the ball into the top of the net, to get his second of the match and give Hampton a 2-0 lead.

Shortly after strengthening the lead, Tolu Idowu, the team’s newly recruited centre back, put in a solid tackle to dispossess the Wilson school striker and play a tantalising ball through the whole opposition to the feet of Ben Whitely, who sped away from the Wilson back line.

He now had just the keeper to beat, and after a very composed finish under pressure into the bottom corner, he had put Hampton 3-0 up. Hampton had to keep focused however, because Wilson school were not done yet.

With still 15 minutes left of the tie, Wilson school started to keep more possession and play the ball around with ease.

Hampton had to concentrate, and soon they managed to kill off the opposition’s spell of possession, resulting in a few attacks by the home side that showed good signs of improvement from last season, but didn’t result in any goals.

After a triple change by the Hampton coach, Mr. Green, the team was suddenly more energetic.

A few minutes after a great counterattack by Hampton, Tom Scrimshaw picked up the ball in defence and pressed forward, before playing an impressive ball through the Wilson defence to Khaksar.

With no one but the goalie to beat, and a team mate offering support if he needed it, Ollie placed the ball around the Goalkeeper into the bottom corner.

The crowd watching erupted into applause, knowing that the game was surely Hampton’s, now that they were 4-0 up. However, Hampton were not showing any signs of let up, as they were eager for more goals.

Hampton won a corner soon after their fourth goal, off the back of a great attack resulting in a rocket of a shot by Brennan Coletta being blocked by the Wilson defence.

The corner was whipped in by the man who won it, Brennan, and after a game of football pinball in the penalty area, Khaksar tapped the ball in from close range to give Hampton a well deserved 5th goal and to get his second of the match.

As Wilson school started to get sloppier and weaker in defence as the game drew on, their back line switched off as Ben Whitely was set way, one on one with the goalie and all the time in the world.

With outstanding composure he lobbed the ball over the goalie into the net for what was already a goal of the season contender for Hampton. With Hampton now 6-0 up, the focus turned to preserving their clean sheet.

After a few weak attempts by Wilson school to thwart Hampton’s plan, that resulted in very little, the final whistle blew, confirming a well deserved 6-0 victory against Wilson school in the first match of the new season. 

Full Time: Hampton 6  Wilson 0

Goals: Rasi de mel (2)  Khaksar (2)  Whitely (2)

Assists: Idowu (1) Khaksar(1) Scrimshaw(1) Whitely(1)  Coletta(1)


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