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Tough loss for U15Cs against Charterhouse

By Alasdair McIntosh

 At the start of the match Hampton dominated the midfield however they struggled to break through the Charterhouse defence.  
Although Hampton had had most of the possession, the first major chance of the match came from Charterhouse. Their right-winger had been left unmarked and after a through ball he was heading towards goal however in an attempt to thread the ball through, further forward, to his teammate, the ball was intercepted.  
Soon after, Hampton were threatened for a second time. They were put in the same defensive situation as before after left-back Noah Kelly could not trap the fast-paced through ball. The right winger played the ball through to the Charterhouse striker who the Hampton defenders believed to be very far offside. The whistle was not blown, and the striker took the ball around the Hampton ‘keeper and slotted the ball into the open net.  
Hampton nearly equalised before the second half with a shot coming from Alex Lopez. After receiving the ball on the edge of the Charterhouse box, back facing the goal, Lopez touched the ball to his left and struck the ball on the turn. Had the shot been on target the ‘keeper would not have been able to reach it however unfortunately for young Hampton side it went just wide of the post. 
The first half ended 1-0 to Charterhouse and Hampton would be discussing ways to get back into the game. 

Hampton’s first chance of the second half came once again from Lopez. He got his head onto the end of a corner however he flicked the ball inches wide of the goal.  

It was from another corner where Hampton had there second major chance of the second half. As the ball was crossed into the box, a shot was made by Hampton player towards the goal but the keeper saved, then fumbled the attempt. It was Hampton winger Tim Edwards who was first to react however, from six yards out he was not able to put the ball in the net as the shot was saved again and eventually cleared by Charterhouse. 

There were no major, chances in the rest of the match and so the game finished 1-0 to Charterhouse. The Hampton U15Cs will need to take lessons from this loss and learn from their mistakes to hopefully get a result against Eton next week.  


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