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My First Ever Rugby Game at Hampton

By Reyansh Jaiswal

The U12 Rugby A and B teams had their first ever school match on Saturday 23rd September, hopefully the first of many to come over the next few years.

On the morning of the game, the teams boarded the coach with a sense of pride and determination to represent Hampton. Everyone was full to the brim with nervous excitement as we couldn’t wait to walk out onto the pitches wearing our proud new colours – the iconic yellow and black. Soon after we arrived at the venue and the teams were ushered into the changing rooms to get ready for the game. Both sides couldn’t wait to walk out and play their first ever rugby match for Hampton against RGS, High Wycombe.

The warm-ups began as we tried to prepare ourselves mentally and physically for this tough challenge ahead of us. Time blitzed past and before anyone knew it, we were having one last team talk, and with our team chant we jogged on to the pitch and took up our positions. I could not help but feel a bit nervous. Thoughts were flying through my head: “What if I messed up?” “What if I made the team lose?” I brushed it off knowing that my team was supportive. Our coach had trained us hard, so the team felt fit for this very moment.

The whistle blew and we were off. Tackling, running and passing. But even before the 5-minute mark the opposition had scored a try. We encouraged each other and kept our heads high as we set off again tackling and passing. The opposition were a strong side weaving in and out and scoring try after try. By halftime, our team was 5-nil down. The spirits were low, but our coach cheered us. The second half begun with us in possession of the ball and almost scoring a try; but the team fell just short. In a rush, they had scored 4 more trys. Maybe it just wasn’t our day. After that, the U12B’s had a couple of close attempts, but we just couldn’t make it. With thirty seconds on the clock to go, my teammate passed the ball to me, and I rushed forward dodging the other players and diving on to the try line to score our only try. I felt content. My first every try for my new school, Hampton.

The match finished soon after. With high fives all around, our teacher encouraged us that despite the loss, the U12Bs played an excellent game of rugby. The U12A team had managed to pull a draw out the bag with a final score of 5-5. After changing back, we walked to the dining room to enjoy a scrumptious match tea before heading back to the coach to finish of a morning of immense fun.

This will be a day that will always be imprinted in my memory; my first ever Rugby game at Hampton.

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