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U12Bs overcome St Thomas’s despite late scare

By Harry Morris

The game started well for Hampton as after about ten minutes, as Jayen Li got the ball on the wing and quickly passed it to the striker, Oscar Connell, who dragged the defenders to the right, before cutting his shot away into the bottom left corner. Soon after, the ball fell to Mika Rahman, and with miles of space promptly scored a screamer to make it 2-0!

Hampton dominated possession, scoring a couple of offside goals but being unable to find the back of the net properly. The goal drought was soon to be ended, as with a few minutes to go, Finn Timba pounced on an uncleared header to tap in. Hampton were 3-0 up as the half-time whistle blew and they seemed likely to get an easy win.

First-half goals: Oscar Connell, Mika Rahman, Finn Timba

First-half assists: Jayen Li

Half-time score 3-0

St Thomas’s responded to Hampton’s domination of the first half by scoring a goal in the first five minutes of the second. From then there were countless attacks, but neither side could get a goal until William Potter received the ball just inside the box and hit a great shot into the roof of the net.

Hampton carried this momentum on, as Jasper Townley’s great run ended with him scoring a fifth. The opposition’s relentless attacks caused the pressure to build, until with fifteen minutes to go it all came tumbling down. In this time, St Thomas’s suddenly scored three quick goals to make it 5-4, before the final whistle got Hampton out of a tight scrap. The referee finally ended a chaotic match which Hampton should have won a bit more comfortably.

Second-half goals: William Potter, Jasper Townley.  

Full-time score: 5-4

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