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U12As defeated by strong Epsom College rugby side

By Alex Pheasant

All of the U12s got on the coach to travel to Epsom College away. We knew this was going to be a tough game, so we had been training hard in preparation for the match. When we arrived, we got changed into the Hampton colours (black and yellow) and ran out onto the pitch for a warm-up. Everyone was nervous but we were ready.

The kick-off started to creep up on us, and then we were off. Tackling and rucking, we got off to a good start, but after that, it all went downhill. They scored try after try and by half time it was 5-0.

After the team talk, we started to get to grips with it. We were playing fluid rugby and we got it out wide to Aaron Janoo who ran to the try line and scored our first try. However, we knew this was not enough as they scored three more tries.  The result may have not been in our favour, but we walked off that pitch with a sense of pride, as we knew they were a tough team.

After that, we got changed into our Hampton uniform and went to have some tea. Eventually, everyone piled on the coach to go back to Hampton.

U12A’s Final Score: Epsom 8-1 Hampton

U12B’s Final Score: Epsom 10-3 Hampton

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