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Second Year Sporting Stars: Part Two

By Max Cardosi

Kieran Boumeester-Reid is a successful high jumper for his age group, being placed 6th in the country at the moment and HSC caught up with him earlier this year to see how he’s been progressing.

Kieran started high jump at the age of 10 in South Africa where he lived at that point in time. There was a high jump bar and a mat as well and with the constant summer heat Kieran decided to start jumping.

When we asked him about the differences in training between South Africa and England, he said that “the coaches here in England have more expertise in the sport but in South Africa, the weather is a lot better”.

His career high was when he jumped 1.56m – which ranked him first in the country – but since then he has been knocked down a few places to sixth: still impressive.

As his season progresses, so does his training and he has been developing well at club and at school with more technique based exercises in the winter to work on strength.

Then, in the summer, he works on the flipping side of things and the take-off.

What he most enjoys about the sport is “when [he] gets over the bar without knocking it over and letting out a sigh of relief that [he] has made it.”

Looking back on his career he “did not believe that he would make it this far, and will take high jump as far as it will take [him]”.




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