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U12C learn valuable footballing lesson at home to Elizabeth College

By Alasdair Mcintosh

Hampton’s U12C football team were forced to learn a very valuable lesson after their convincing home defeat against Elizabeth College, Guernsey.

Hampton kicked off, but then conceded an early goal as Elizabeth College played a through ball in between our two defenders right in front of their speedy striker. 

Unfortunately Hampton goalkeeper Joseph Gordon couldn’t do anything to stop the ball from hitting the back of the net. To give the away team the lead.

Elizabeth College scored a second goal using same tactic – which disheartened the young Hampton side, who were now two goals behind.

Hampton responded by making a change to their defence but nothing could stop Elizabeth’s College’s quick, agile attacks. 

The game ended 3-0. The lesson was, wins don’t come easily – though Elizabeth College did deserve the win, having travelled all the way from Guernsey. 

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