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U13A turn their hand to Futsal in Eagle House competition

By Omer Demiral

Hampton’s U13A football squad divided into two teams of 6 each for our first futsal match of the season.

In two eventful and exhilarating encounters, Hampton emerged victorious in both matches, team 1 winning 9-2 and Team 2 winning 5-3.

The matches were to be played in four quarters (12 minutes), in which the two teams would play in alternate quarters. 

Team 1

Team 1 kicked the game off. Hampton put excellent pressure on the ball and soon found the first goal via a classy finish from Josh King.

Soon after, the second goal came. Omer Demiral came off the bench to score his first goal of the season with a great finish.

Goals kept coming as Nick Herrero and King made it four in quick succession.

However, Hampton were caught sleeping on the counter attack as Eagle House scored their first goal of the match.

The first team finished their half well with a clinical strike from James Queen to make the score 5-1.

After a short break, Eagle House kicked off the second half for Team 1. 

Hampton started well with a goal from King to complete a well-deserved hat-trick.

After a couple of minutes of solid defence from Hampton, Joe Downham scored his first goal of the season in excellent fashion.

Unfortunately, what looked like an impenetrable defence were beaten by a well-organised counter attack from Eagle House as they scored their second goal of the match.

Herrero was quick to respond for Hampton as he put the ball in the back of the net to make it 8-2.

In the dying minutes of the match, Savan Soni scored brilliantly to top off a well-deserved victory for Hampton. 9-2 was the final score.

Team 2

The second team started their first half well as Sam Bond scored a skilful solo goal in the first couple of minutes.

Hampton kept pressing and soon found their second goal via a neat finish from Charlie Helm.

Eagle House started pushing for a goal and soon found it after a missed counter attack chance by Hampton. 

However, Hampton replied with another quality goal from Bond. 

Team 2 finished their first half 3-1 in front. 

Eagle House kicked off the second half for what turned out to be a thrilling 12 minutes.

Hampton scored the first goal of the second half through Thomas Tabor’s cunning tap-in.

Eagle House looked dangerous as they came close to a third goal while they exchanged missed opportunities with Hampton.

Be that as it may, Eagle House did convert as they threatened to erase the deficit.

Eagle House found another goal as they made it 4-3, a dangerously close score-line for Hampton.

Freddie Phillips was the man to ruin Eagle House’s dreams as he scored his first goal of the year with just a few seconds left to play.

Team 2 finished the match with a 5-3 victory over Eagle House.

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