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Second-half goals sink Hampton despite promising signs

By Alasdair McIntosh

The game started off as a very equal match, with the score 1 – 1 at half-time.  Little did anyone know that it was all downhill for Hampton from then.

Hampton started off slowly. Dulwich had almost all the possession and so many chances, but just could not find the chance to take the lead. 

It was almost like a game of fetch: Dulwich would attack, then the Hampton defenders would get hold of the ball, and pass it to the attacking players on Hampton’s side. Then all of a sudden the ball is back with Dulwich and they are coming back and creating another promising piece of play. 

At last Hampton got their chance when the ball was crossed into the box, aimed at the Hampton striker. As the goalkeeper came out to catch the ball, Gabriel Kelly lobbed it over his head and into the back of the net.

Sadly, Hampton’s moment did not last. Dulwich attacked down the left wing, cutting it across to the striker who was waiting for the ball at the edge of the box. 

He dribbled through two Hampton defenders until only the goalkeeper could stop him. Unfortunately, the shot was hit into the bottom corner, out of reach for the Hampton keeper.

The whistle blew, signalling half-time. It was a half full of great pieces of play from both teams.

Then Hampton snatched a promising lead when central midfielder Benni Maxey scored. Sadly, for the second time, Hampton could not celebrate for long as Dulwich scored another goal to equalise.

Dulwich then scored a third as they broke the pattern. I’m sure this pattern was the least of their worries when Dulwich scored yet again to make the score 2-3.

Previously Hampton had a good chance but could not quite find the back of the net. Dulwich’s fourth goal came quickly after the rest.  It began with some nice passes until the ball was played through and the player on the end of it managed to slot it passed the keeper. 

Hampton’s final goal went to midfielder Jayden Oni. The goal was crossed in by Gabriel and Jayden tapped it in.

Dulwich scored three more goals before the end of the game. One of them was unlucky for Hampton. After an attack from Dulwich, Hampton were given a goal kick. 

The Hampton keeper kicked the ball upfield but it went straight to the feet of a waiting striker. He took a powerful shot which ended up in the back of the net.

The game ended three goals to Hampton and seven to Dulwich.

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