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Dulwich score late to take victory over U12E

By Sam Trotman

A valiant effort from Hampton School’s U12E team against Dulwich College resulted in an unlucky 6-2 defeat.

Following a tense start, Dulwich were able to gain possession quickly and soon took the lead with a low shot.  However, Hampton’s spirits remained positive. 

A near miss lifted Hampton’s spirits but unfortunately the Dulwich keeper made a brilliant save from a challenging shot.  But then, though Hampton rallied hard, the opposition scored again.

Next, Hampton were able to clear the ball past the opposing team’s defence through a powerful kick from Harresh Jayanthan, the E team’s excellent left back. 

This put Hampton in a great goal-scoring position. A goal could have followed but, amazingly, the Dulwich keeper saved the shot.

Then Dulwich College found space on the pitch, and following some incisive passes, soon scoring to make it 3-0.

Though losing, Hampton soldiered on through the harsh weather. Suddenly, Mikael Nur, the inspiring E team captain, scored a spectacular goal that slipped right past the keeper. 

The team was on a high because of this when the half time whistle blew.

Despite being behind, Hampton still had a spring in their step and controlled the ball through the pitch, but one sharp attack was enough to deliver Dulwich’s fourth goal. 

With these prophetic words ringing in their ears, striker Erik Domsodi then scored a brilliant goal, bringing the score-line to 2-4.

Even though this gave Hampton renewed hope of catching Dulwich, the opposing team was able to score a further two goals before the final whistle blew. 

Though Dulwich College had won, the Hampton E team took the defeat with good grace and remained positive.    

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