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U13B play out pulsating stalemate with Grey Court

By Jayden Oni |

Grey Court 0-0 Hampton

Hampton’s U13B team played out a thrilling match at Grey Court, though neither team were able to break the deadlock in a 0-0 game.

For the majority of the first half, Hampton and Grey Court had an even amount of possession; both teams had chances.

Though, Hampton were the clear better team in terms of chances as they made more of their chances – they had three shots on target whereas Grey Court still had none of their shots on target.

The first major chance for Hampton was when Jayden Oni, Hampton’s striker, found himself one on one with the Grey Court goalkeeper after a miskick lead the ball past the defenders and for Oni to run on to.

Unfortunately, a second touch from Jayden took him too close to their keeper and as a result, the goalkeeper saved his shot.

After half time, though, Hampton were the clear better team. They had almost the entirety of the possession in the second half. What would happen was that Hampton would create a chance and then a Grey Court player would get the ball and boot it away but then Hampton would get the ball back again soon after.

Grey Court would then go on to concede two direct free kicks for Hampton; Felix Robinson and Jayden Park would almost slot their free kicks home with both of the shots coming close to goal.

Joshi, the second Hampton striker, would also come close to scoring with two of his shots hitting the woodwork and one coming on target. Unfortunately, though Hampton were playing very well, they could do anything but score; Grey Court at this point would still have none of their shots on target!

The last chance for Hampton would come in the last minute of the game where Hampton conceded their only corners of the game. After the last corner of them was taken, the ball was cleared and found itself past the Grey Court’s line of defenders, and at the feet of Rohan, a Hampton midfielder, who was about go one on one with their keeper. Though unfortunately, a heavy touch took the ball way too far up the pitch and into the gloves of the goalkeeper.

Then the final whistle was blown with the score at 0-0. Despite all the Hampton chances and the zero shots that were on target for Grey Court, in the end it was a draw, yet an entertaining one.

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