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Hampton show promise against a strong opponent in golf

By Henry Fagan

On 13 October, Mrs May took the Hampton golf team to Fulwell golf club – Hampton’s “home ground” – to play Reed’s school. It was sunny yet slightly wet underfoot – ideal conditions for a win for Hampton’s second match of the season.

The opposition was strong due to Reed’s prowess in school golf as they have their own golf academy in Cobham, with their players having handicaps of around two – some even had positive handicaps which is as good as some professional golfers. Harley McKenzie and Adam Humpish were paired up in the “foursomes” game format whereby partners take alternate shots and the lowest combined score for each of the eighteen holes wins one point, summing to a total score at the end which determines the winner.

They started out strong, winning the first few holes yet struggled to maintain this form and unfortunately lost to formidable opposition after they had played all the eighteen holes. Many other matches were played yet none of the Hampton pairs could secure a win. Oliver Lycett of the Lower Sixth said, on his debut for Hampton golf, that “it was a solid performance all round, especially from Harley and Adam, however it was a shame that no teams came out on top.”

Hampton’s golf team hope to achieve better results in their upcoming friendly matches against other schools, who are more suited to their ability, yet it is unlikely that they will have as perfect conditions as the days get darker and colder.


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