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U15Cs secure crushing 11-0 triumph

By Anuj Srivastav

On Tuesday 22 February, the Hampton U15C team took on Eaton Square Upper School Boys A team in a one-sided affair with the home side emerging as convincing victors. With a small crowd of Hampton’s U15s watching the game, the pressure was on to deliver, and the team more than delivered, with a dominating 11-0 win.

The kick-off whistle rang through the air of Hampton School, as Eaton kicked off, immediately losing possession to some high pressure being shown by the U15Cs.

During the first ten minutes of the game, Hampton were in control, creating many chances from winger Fahad Hussain’s long balls into attacking positions. The first goal of many came from striker Henry Forster and it was a sensational strike. From twenty yards out and at an awkward angle, Forster managed to blast the ball into the back of the net, deceiving the opposition goalkeeper simultaneously.

Within two more minutes, Forster earned his second goal. He was presented with a simple chance in front of goal, managing to get a slight tap onto the ball, deviating it far enough from its initial trajectory to trickle through the goalkeeper’s legs and into the back of the net.

Further into the first half, four more goals were scored with ease as the U15Cs dominated Eaton Square Upper School. Striker Forster scored yet another goal before half-time and seemed to be commanding the flow of the match, earning himself a hat-trick. Midfielder Dmitri Tzinieris also scored a goal from close in, as Hampton controlled the one-sided affair. When the half-time whistle blew, the home side were looking at an easy victory, with the score at 5-0.

At half-time, the U15C team manager decided to change up the formation and play 10 men against the opposition, posing more of a suitable challenge for Hampton.

The second half began, with the team eager to score many more goals and possibly enter double figures. Forward Lawrie Wilkin was presented with three chances on goal through inventive passes from the midfielders, and finished them all, earning himself a fantastic hat-trick. However, Wilkin also missed out on a penalty with a poorly struck chip shot that simply trickled to the keeper, ending his flurry of goals.

Normally a rock-solid centre-back, forward Freddie Hunt made a fantastic piercing run through the opposition’s defensive line, scoring a clinical goal between the ’keeper’s legs, increasing the score to 9-0 to Hampton.

The final two goals were scored by right-midfielder Nathan Le Bougeant and Hussain. Le Bougeant sprinted through the defence, scoring a hard-earned goal in the bottom-left corner of the goal, giving the ’keeper no chance of getting any contact with the ball. Hussain, usually an assist specialist, got hold of a clear opportunity on goal and finished it with full confidence into the bottom-left corner.

The full-time whistle blew abruptly, and the hosts had racked up a total of 11 goals against Eaton Square Upper Schools Boys, with even more chances created that ideally should have been finished.

This victory of 11-0 to Hampton U15C Team was the second of such dominating wins, similar to earlier in the season against Wilson’s School. A match such as this should inevitably give an abundance of confidence to the players and they will hope to continue this winning streak.

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