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2J tackle their way to tight interform victory

By Josh Freer

A flock of rugby stars from 2J led their form to a tense victory in the inter-form competition.  

The inter form competition runs throughout the School where forms compete against each other in a number of activities, including rugby, football, dodgeball and more. It is particularly popular in the younger years, when the competition winner is crowned at the Swimming Gala in July. 

The event started off with two pools – 2J, 2B and 2H in one group and 2W, 2L and 2P in the other. 

In the first games, 2B declared a 7-2 victory over 2H and 2W put down a stunning eight tries to nil against 2L. 

In the second game 2B were less fortunate and were defeated 6-1 by 2J, whilst on the other pitch, 2P had a tight match with 2L, managing a 4-4 draw. 

In the final pool games, 2J managed to beat 2H 6-2 with an exceptionally good try from Thomas Whitehall guaranteeing them a place in the finals, but who would they face?  

Meanwhile, 2W and 2P battled it out, but in the end 2P managed to come out top with a 6-2 win. 

In the 5th and 3rd place play-off, all teams competed well, but in the end it was 2H who came 5th, after beating 2L 5-2 as 2P drew with 2B. 

With most games played, pressure was mounting for the final match β€“ 2J vs 2W. It was a tight game with strong performances from Max Cardosi and Finley Wiseman but in the end, 2J managed to come out on top, celebrating a 4-2 victory and securing their second consecutive inter form rugby title. 

The final results were:

  • 1st place awarded to 2J,
  • 2nd awarded to 2W,
  • 3rd awarded to 2P and 2B,
  • 5th awarded to 2H and
  • 6th awarded to 2L.


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