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4-3 triumph for U12As against capable Dulwich outfit

By Rufus Lawson

As soon as the whistle blew to signal the start of the game, Dulwich were on the attack as their star player dribbled through Hampton’s midfield and had a shot on goal. It was a superb save from ‘keeper Harrison Gilbert but he was unable to get himself back up to save the follow-up shot.

However, soon after, Edward Leonard made an excellent run behind Dulwich’s back line leaving him in one-on-one situation with the goalkeeper where he comfortably struck the ball into the back of the net to tie the game 1-1.

In the closing minutes of the first half another ball was played in behind to Adam Saker but this time his shot was saved and everybody thought that Hampton had missed their chance. However Saker, from outside the box, drove the ball into the bottom corner to put the U12As in a winning position.

In the 40th minute of the game Dulwich had a great chance to tie the game. With a corner, George Eggleton headed the ball out of the area but unfortunately it went straight a Dulwich player. He dribbled past two of Hampton’s defenders before striking the ball home.

Only five minutes after, Dulwich had another opportunity but, before their attacker could shoot, Henry Wood dived in and took the player out conceding a penalty which Dulwich’s attacker booted into the goal zipping by Harrison Gilbert to take them into a leading position.

Hampton needed to get back into the game. They did so from a rebound off Ben Whitley’s shot which was scored by Brennan Coletta.

It came down to the last two minutes of the game and Hampton had a corner, which was whipped in by Coletta but unfortunately Dulwich’s ‘keeper punched it out. It dropped out to Ben Whiteley who played a one-two with Oliver Khaksar before striking the ball. At that moment, everyone’s eyes were on the ball as it whizzed through the air. It finally dropped into the back of the net. Everyone celebrated as the final whistle was blown to end the game in a 4-3 win to Hampton.

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