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Dominant U15Cs score four against KCS

By Anuj Srivastav

On Saturday 15 January, the U15C team travelled to KCS Wimbledon, winning 4-2 after a thrilling game. They looked to continue their consistent winning record against this opposition. With only one substitute on the bench, stamina was key to achieving victory during a cold, damp winter morning that posed a challenge for both sides. 

The first breakthrough was made by Hampton from a throw-in in the final third by right-back Anuj Srivastav to midfielder Caleb Levell, who played a creative pass to striker Henry Forster, with a clinical finish past the keeper. This first goal sparked a swift wave of attack from the opposition, who scored a goal soon after to put the teams on level terms.

From then on, it was a case of domination from the U15Cs, who managed to hold possession for long periods of play, putting severe pressure on their competitors any time the ball was lost. Defensively, Hampton were rock solid with left centre-back Freddie Hunt showing no mercy to any oncoming attacks. Excellent passing and creative balls were made throughout the match, especially by right-midfielder Fahad Hussain, who toyed with the opposition’s defensive line by playing penetrating long balls to Forster and left-midfielder Alastair White. The second goal was built through a great show of teamwork and was scored by White straight after KCS’s equaliser, to give the U15Cs the lead.

As the U15Cs began applying large amounts of pressure on KCS, they won lots of corners. In fact, the third goal was scored from a corner by an accurate header into the right corner by Nathan Le Bougeant.

Unfortunately, despite a strong diving challenge made by centre-back Freddie Hunt, Hampton ended up conceding another, with the ball deflecting to the opposition midfielder, who chipped it high into the air, which, fortuitously for KCS, ended up it the back of the net. It was a stroke of luck for KCS that they dearly required. 

Straight after conceding, Hampton scored another in the final minutes of the game to secure a well-earned win. It was another corner and midfielder Thomas Davies stepped up to take it. Using his right foot, he managed to curl the ball, with the slight aid of an opposition defender, into the back of the net. This brought the final score to 4-2 in a respectable contest between two evenly-matched sides.

Hampton U15Cs now look to continue this winning form, facing a strong Dulwich College next weekend.

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